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More guests in your golf club ?


Join the unique concept of receive guests in your golf club through a DIRECT LINK TO YOUR WEBSITE !


• By joining, for less than 1 Euro per day, we stimulate guests to book directly at your golf club, this being free of commissions !


• A maximum of only 10 golf clubs will be listed in separate categories. Your golf club will always show up and the visitor does not get lost in a too long list of golf clubs;


• You always can get your own follow up page with a description of your golf club. You can always post your own pictures and texts;


• You will get a direct link to your own website with all your contact details (we do not hide your contact details like many online agents do);


• Your golf club is guaranteed to show in the Top 10 and your website is accessible through the unique and easy to remember domain name This domain name is easy to remember: it makes sure that visitors spontaneously come back and use the site again. Because of the gigantic number of websites on internet (the so called “Internet Jungle”), visitors type more often logical domain names, like ‘ or’. This is called Direct Navigation, searching for information by directly typing a domain name, without using a search engine;


The quicker you register, the higher your golf club will be shown on the limited list of golf clubs in Dubai. Would you like to join ? Please fill in your details in the form below, we will display your golf club on the website within 3 working days.


We already have launched hundreds of succesfull websites like HotelsinDubai.INFO, HotelsinAmsterdam.INFO, HotelsinMarbella.COM and we will launch lots of more websites, all these websites will be connected to each other in our network of more than 7000 websites.


We are looking forward to see your registration, and if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Best Regards,


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